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Important Blble Verses :

God's Word is indeed alive! Learn the important verses in both English & Tamil from each book in the Bible and instill them in your heart through our Verses Book.


Reaching Millions with The Light :

This is a special edition book on the journey of Mirabella Ministry in the past nine years. Filled with recounts and pictures, this book shares about the growth of Mirabella Ministry and how it overcame its struggles to be the National Award winner for New Evangelisation for 2016.


Or Udanbadikkaiyil Aayiram Vaakkuththaththangal (Tamil) :

You will learn that God has created a Covenant with each one of us and it comes together with thousands of Promises. Written in an understandable and simple manner, you will learn how to posses those promises in your lives. Buy and benefit from this powerful book, written by Sister.Caroline herself.


En Aanmavin Payanam (Tamil) :

A Near Death Experience of a Software Engineer gives a vivid description about the travel of Sr. Caroline’s soul and the encounter with Our Lord. What was the mission given to her? How was it carried out? Its an eye opener for those who are in search of God, and the purpose of life.


The Miraculous Journey of My Soul  (English):

The above book In English : Available in Amazon, barnes and nobles Paperback copy at $11.99 and in kindle for $5.99


Orea Devan (Tamil):

How good it is to live, a loving and peaceful life under the protection of God… This book shares about the transformation of the lives of the Volunteers who serve in the Ministry.While reading you will feel the Holy Spirit works in the families..


My Mighty Warriors (Tamil):

Most of today’s youth have strayed away from our faith. Find the stories behind these few, precious youth who have pledged their lives to God. A Great book which will definitely change a Youth reader’s perception of life.


PRAISE GOD IN SANCTUARY (1000 Praises - 366 IN English AND 1000 IN TAMIL) :

How mighty and powerful is the God our Lord. Reciting the praises in this book gives us a great strength of what a great God we have! Taste the sweetness of these praises daily.


Audio CD

Gifted Tunes (Tamil and English Songs)

This Audio CD is Mirabella Ministry’s first Own Music production. It is filled with energetic, powerful and anointing songs, sung by our own Mirabella singers. In different genres, sung and composed in unique styles, you are sure to receive the mighty blessings of our loving God. (Audio preview below)


Praise One God: Vol 1, 2 & 3 (Tamil and English Songs)

God has blessed many people with talents, but only some have repaid God with it. God’s praises should always be on our lips. These Audio CD is filled with praises and vibrant songs sung by our youth. Join them as they worship God and receive His mighty anointing. (Audio preview below)


Sister Testimonial DVD (Tamil /English /Malayalam):

You may have heard of Mirabella Ministry and its work, but do you know what started it all? Find out in this heavenly visitation CD, “Million Miracles”! The Lord who transformed Sr. Caroline’s life will definitely transforms you. Yes.. while you watch the DVD, you will see the amazing hand of the lord on you too..


Anniversary DVD(Tamil): (7th,8th and & 9th)

Thanks Giving Day of Mirabellities all around the world..with lots of Colorful thank note with Songs , Dance and Prayer ….


Other Messages (Tamil):

Many of us know the bible and its teachings. How often do we put these words of God into our lives? However faith is by work! These message DVD’s are interestingly received throughout the world. Each and every one of God’s teachings strikes our hearts and renews our life to what God desires.


Grow Your Faith






An archive of all photo gallerys of various Mirabella events


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